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As Prime Minister Andrew Holness continues distribution of tablets across the island, he is encouraging parents and guardians to properly supervise the online activities of their children.

Prime Minister Holness says, as children are now increasingly accessing the tools that enable them to go online, there is the potential for them to be exposed to unsavoury information that is not child friendly. Therefore, he notes that it is critical for children to be supervised while online.

“While our children may be able to play a few games on their tablets, the tablet is not a toy. It is a tool for students to access their lessons and parents have a duty to ensure their children are safe online and using their devices for the intended purposes,” said Prime Minister Holness.

The Prime Minister was speaking yesterday (Friday, May 21, 2021) at the handing over of tablets at the Salt Spring Primary and Junior High in Montego Bay where, through his Positive Jamaica foundation, 36 students received tablets.

The school was also given a Laser printer courtesy of Printware Online. Salt Spring Primary and Junior High has approximately 176 students registered, of that amount,  forty (40) students have so far received tablets through the Ministry of Education’s PATH modality. Through donations, the school also received an additional 10 tablets while a portion of the school population reported that they had some type of access to devices enabling them to study online. The Prime Minister noted that with the donation of tablets yesterday, a substantial number of students would now be able to access their lessons.

So far, the Government has distributed or is in the process of procuring 123,000 devices for the education system and is targeting over 500,000 students.

Meanwhile, the Prime Minister says as the Government does its best to reach every child, he has made a personal commitment to mobilize resources through his Positive Jamaica Foundation to meet the needs of those without learning devices.

The Prime Minister thanked the private sector and the diaspora for their support in helping to get devices into the hands of every child. He encouraged them to continue the excellent work in this regard.

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