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Prime Minister the Hon. Bruce Golding has vowed to come clean with the people, to be honest and tell them what is going on in relation to the plans that the Government has for combating the economic crisis.
Speaking last night (August 12) to thousands of people who came out to hear him at the St. Elizabeth Town Hall meeting at the B.B. Coke High School in Junction, the Prime Minister said he will only tell the raw, unvarnished truth. “But in telling them the truth, I’m also going to tell them what we propose to do about the problems that we are confronted with,” he said.
“There are signs that the recession is beginning now to recede and that the worst of it has passed. I am not one hundred per cent sure because there are certain things that I need to see to convince me; and I haven’t seen them yet,” the Prime Minister said. He cautioned Jamaicans to prepare themselves for the recovery programme.
Mr. Golding told his audience: “Officials from Jamaica Bauxite Institute have had recent discussions with the bauxite companies, because we want to make sure that we keep alive, not just the hope but the expectation that the day is going to come when you will hear that Alpart is going to re-open and that workers are going to be rehired; and the same about Windalco.” He noted that the date for such recovery is uncertain as the bauxite and alumina markets worldwide take a longer time to improve, than the global economy.
The Prime Minister said that in order for these things to take place, measures such as cutting the cost of energy, and making plans that will ensure provision of cheaper electricity, will have to be put in place. He also announced that his Administration is working very hard to put in place a new energy policy.

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