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Prime Minister the Hon. Bruce Golding has commended the work being done by the Agriculture and Fisheries Ministry, which he says, is going to be one of the leading sectors that the country will rely on to lead it through the economic crisis.
However, he noted that agriculture is faced with a lot of problems, especially in St. Elizabeth, the leading food provider for the nation. He added that the Government is pushing as hard as possible to provide farmers with greater support.
“Minister Christopher Tufton is driving the business of marketing. Growing the crops is one thing, but if you can’t get a good price because the market is soft, while 50 miles away people may be paying three times that amount, because they can’t get it over here…marketing is critical,” said the Prime Minister.
He added that financing is important to agriculture. “We’ve been trying our best to get more loan funds in the hands of farmers. It is a difficult thing because the systems we have are not friendly lenders to people who need money to borrow,” he added.
Mr. Golding made these comments at the fifth in a series of Town Hall meetings, held yesterday (August 12), at the B.B. Coke High School in St. Elizabeth.

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