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Prime Minister, the Hon. Bruce Golding says the bauxite company, Alpart, in Nain, St. Elizabeth will continue its water supply programme to sections of St. Elizabeth despite its closure.
Following discussions with the Government, the company has also agreed to extend the supply of water from five days to seven. This will come with conditions as the company has complained of persons abusing the system.
Mr. Golding said Alpart needed the help of the community to deal with the “unwanted interference and vandalism” of its system. He appealed to the citizens of St. Elizabeth, their Members of Parliament and Councillors to help so that the majority of people are not deprived because of the actions of few.
The issue of water shortages in St. Elizabeth came up as one of the main complaints by citizens attending Wednesday night’s (August 12) Town Hall Meeting at the B. B. Coke High School, Junction, St. Elizabeth.

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