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“Downtown Kingston is going to get nice again. We are determined that where we have got to go,” Prime Minister Bruce Golding said on Saturday (January 15), at the opening of the Downtown Municipal Transport Centre. The ceremony also launched the new Downtown Kingston Transportation System.

“What I can assure you is that the redevelopment of downtown is being pursued in a planned, purposeful, determined and do-able way,” Mr. Golding said.

In his address to the gathering attended by a range of public and private interests in Downtown Kingston, Mr. Golding pointed to advancements in the upgrading of the market district, the construction of Digicel’s corporate headquarters and of the planned relocation of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Downtown.

Rural buses serving routes to St Mary, St Thomas and Portland will terminate in the Water Lane Transportation Centre and commuters will benefit from a complimentary Jamaica Urban Transit Corporation (JUTC) shuttle service to Parade and also to the Pechon Street bus centre.

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