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Prime Minister Bruce Golding believes that the strength of the faculty at the newly-launched Hydel University will ensure its success.
Speaking at the opening of the institution at Ferry, St Catherine on August 30, he told the audience:
“With the superb quality of the teaching staff that she has put together, I have every confidence that this university will offer students the kind of flexibility and multi task options that will ensure not only proud graduates but productive, useful citizens who will help to build the Jamaica that all of us want,” Prime Minister Golding said.
The team is led by Chairman, Dr Cecil Goodridge and includes Vice President, former Chief Education Officer, Mr. Jasper Lawrence; Principal Manager and visual artist, Mrs. Kay Anderson and Registrar, Cordel Williams. The Marcus Garvey Chair will be occupied by member of the Universal Negro Improvement Association (UNIA) Mr. Stephen Golding.
The Prime Minister praised the remarkable achievement of education entrepreneur, Senator Hyacinth Bennett, in launching a university, an endeavour usually pursued by philanthropists and institutions.
The Hydel group has eleven institutions, ranging from early childhood education to a high school, special education school, corrective education school and evening institute for adults.
In declaring the university open, Minister of Education, Andrew Holness said that Jamaica had a competitive advantage in training teachers and he challenged Senator Bennett to export the service.
“We have excess capacity to train teachers, and I think that there is a wonderful opportunity now for Jamaica to export its training expertise. Jamaica should be training teachers, not just for Jamaica, but for Caricom and the Jamaican Diaspora that exists in the UK, Canada, and the USA”.
In her remarks, Senator Bennett said that Hydel University intends to make its mark in the “people building business”, by producing educators that can successfully respond to some of the nation’s toughest educational problems.
“In collaboration with my awesome Hydel team, I am giving the best that I can to create something new, something different, something liberating, something timely and relevant. It is a Hydel education model which is committed to raising-up a formidable band of educators,” she said.
“We start with a social vaccine against an epidemic of youth-related challenges such as: youth suffering from holes in their hearts; drug abuse; tendencies to destroy themselves and others. We are committed to preparing educators with a missionary zeal; to help our youth replace these destructive tendencies with a sense of self worth, self acceptance, self consequence and self urgency; and to realize their unlimited human possibilities,” Senator Bennett said.
The Hydel University offers diploma and Bachelor degree programmes in Primary and Early Childhood Education, with plans to offer a Master of Education degree in 2010. Three hundred students are enrolled.

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