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Prime Minister Bruce Golding told residents of Mid-Town community that he wants them to be proud of their community and the construction of 13 new sanitation facilities is a step in that direction.
“I want the residents to start feeling good about themselves so when they leave here to look a job, they don’t have to lie about their address. I want you to tell them with pride where you are from because you are from a community that is renewing and re-identifying itself.”
The new sanitation facilities were constructed for several families of the community which is located in West Kingston. The programme is the second of four phases and is funded by the European Union’s General Import Programme.

Prime Minister Bruce Golding greets a resident of the Mid-Town community who is a recipient of a sanitation facility under the Mid-Town sanitation project funded by the European Union’s General Import Programme. Mr. Golding toured the facilities on December 9 and told residents that this step is one of many that will see a renewal of the community with infrastructure development.

Mr. Golding who was speaking at the handing over ceremony on December 9 at the Mid-Town Community Centre said the infrastructure of the community was never designed to carry the weight that it now does. Consequently, its infrastructure and facilities have deteriorated over time and poses a health threat.
“This is why we saw the need to address as much as we can the problem in the present even as we look at plans for the longer term development of the community and that is why this project is so important.”
The residents will also benefit from funding of $6 billion which has been allotted by the European Commission to confront security issues and infrastructure development. Of this amount $4 billion has been allocated for security issues and $2 billion for infrastructure development. The announcement was made by Head, European Commission, Ambassador Marco Mazzocchi Alemanni.
PM Golding said many persons may ridicule and deem the project as insignificant because they may take for granted what is now being provided for the residents. He added that this project is part of a wider plan which is also aimed at putting in new sewer lines for the community and housing development.

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