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Prime Minister Bruce Golding, on Friday December 10, handed over the keys to two new 18,000 litre water trucks to Haitian Charge d’ Affaires, Max Alce, to fight the spread of cholera in that country. He noted that the donation has a value of approximately J$20 million but represents the generosity of spirit of the Jamaican people for their neighbours.
Mr. Golding was speaking at the commissioning into service of ten new water trucks by the National Water Commission (NWC) at their compound on Marescaux Road, two of those trucks were donated to Haiti.

Prime Minister Bruce Golding tries out the driver’s seat of one of the ten new 18,000 litre potable water trucks which recently arrived for the National Water Commission (NWC). Two of these trucks have been donated to Haiti to help fight the spread of Cholera currently affecting that country. The Prime Minister participated in the December 10 ceremony at the (NWC) at their compound on Marescaux Road to commission the ten trucks into service.

In his remarks, Mr Alce said that Haitians continued to be very appreciative of the love that Jamaicans are showing to his country and that he hoped one day, they could reciprocate .

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