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Student of Cedric Titus High School
Photo: JIS Photographer

                                     Cedric Titus High School, Trelawny


                                  Red Hills Primary, Clarendon


                               Bryant’s Hill Basic School, Clarendon


                              Falmouth Infant School, Falmouth


                             Trinityville Primary School, St. Thomas


                               Ferris Primary, Westmorland


                               Orange Bay Primary School, Portland


                              Westphalia All Age School, St. Andrew


                                St. Ann’s Bay Primary School, St. Ann 


                                    Waterford Primary School, St. Catherine 


                                  Park Mountain Primary School, St. Elizabeth 


                               Annotto Bay High School, St Mary 


                             Scott’s Hall Primary School, St Mary 


                            Rose Hill Primary and Infant, St. Elizabeth 


                            McIntosh Memorial Primary School, Manchester 


                      New Broughton Primary School, Manchester 



                          Woodlands Primary and Infant, Manchester 


                          Convent of Mercy ALPHA, Kingston 


                          Holy Trinity High School, Kingston 


                      Port Royal Primary School, Kingston


                       Franklyn Town Primary School, Kingston 


                      Avondale Preparatory School, Kingston 


                   Barracks Road Primary, St. James 


                   Catherine Hall Primary and Infant, St. James


                    Corinaldi Avenue Primary, St. James 


                    Herbert Morrison Technical, St. James


                       Mt. Zion Primary and Infant, St. James


                     Providence Heights Infant, St. James 


                       Lucea Primary School, Hanover

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