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Residents of Perth in Manchester are overjoyed to now have access to piped water supply. This feat was achieved upon the completion of the NWC’s Waltham to Perth pipeline project in the parish recently.

Speaking at a special function for the new supply recipients, resident Karlene Denton expressed her satisfaction. “I cannot find the words. Not having water in your pipes, it is so frustrating…so now that I have water in my pipe I am elated. To buy water is very expensive. Now seen that water is there I can be more flexible. I’m more than happy,” she stated

Also sharing her delight was fellow resident Jacqueline Chong. “I am happy. It was quick response when they said they would put it in and I’m getting water. The pressure is good,” she added.

Under the project, 2 kilometres of 250mm (10”) ductile iron pipeline was installed from the Waltham and Perth Road intersection along the Waltham Road; through Perthland Drive, terminating at the National Housing Trust (NHT) Perth Development Tank.

Regional Manager at the NWC, Jermaine Jackson, highlights aspects of the venture. “This just over $69 million-priced project is one phase of the Greater Mandeville Water Supply Improvement Plan. Completed in 12 months, it is currently benefitting approximately 112 households with the potential to benefit much more.”

“We are steadily doing all that we can, resources allowing, to improve the lives and communities within the region by providing a more reliable and sustainable water supply. As we do that, we continue to urge those benefitting to do their part by paying their water bills in full and on time,” he added.

CAPTION(for attached photos):
Workmen carrying works under the NWC’s Waltham to Perth pipeline project in Manchester. Some 112 households are now benefitting from piped water supply as a result of the just over $69 million-priced project.


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