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Falmouth’s Mayor, Colin Gager had urged persons from Trelawny, who are residing overseas, particularly in the United Kingdom, Canada and the United States, to take advantage of the various investment opportunities that are now available in the parish.
Addressing the Friends of Trelawny Association (FOTA) annual dinner and dance at the JFK Holiday Inn in Jamaica Queens, New York on May 23, Mayor Gager pointed to investment opportunities in tourism, housing, real estate, entertainment and agriculture.
“Trelawny offers superb opportunities for a wide range of investments and this is why I am urging you residing overseas to take hold of the opportunities, so that you can help to improve your parish and by extension yourselves,” he said.
The Mayor told the audience that the Trelawny Parish Council has launched a clean-up and beautification campaign in the town of Falmouth and with the assistance of the private sector, the Council would be embarking on an education campaign to sensitize the citizens of Falmouth regarding the importance of keeping their surroundings clean.
“The Trelawny Parish Council is also taking steps to upgrade the two public parks in the town of Falmouth,” he added.
In his remarks, Senator Dennis Meadows lauded the former residents of Trelawny for their commitment to the parish.
“I am impressed with the pride and commitment exhibited by Trelawny ex-patriots in the Diaspora. Their continued interest in the development and welfare of their beloved parish is immeasurable and must be emulated by others,” he said.

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