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Special Educator at the Mico University Care Centre in Mandeville, Maxine Anderson has called on parents, whose children have disabilities, to enroll them in educational institutions that are equipped to meet their needs.
Addressing the annual Open Day at the Woodlawn School of Special Education in Mandeville recently, she stressed the importance of having these children in school.
“We have seen a tendency where parents who have children with disabilities, believe that the best thing to do is keep their children at home. When they are kept at home they are denied the opportunity of receiving the very important intervention that schools like Woodlawn can give them. They are exceptional children and need the interaction with other children that can stimulate them and give them a sense of worth,” Miss Anderson said.
The special educator said that parents with challenged children must move early to access services that are available at schools and organizations for their special needs. She reminded them that the children of today would be adults, so parents and caregivers should prepare them for that stage of their lives.
“We have seen situations where early interventions have had a positive impact on children with disabilities. The evidence is there that once they get the opportunity to be in learning institutions, they can advance academically and contribute like anyone else to the nation,” she pointed out.
The open day provided an opportunity for Woodlawn and other schools to display toys and items of craft made by the students.

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