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The Sam Sharpe Teachers’ College in Granville, St. James, is celebrating 30 years of service to education this year, and to mark this milestone, the college will host its first past students re-union on campus from August 4 to 7.
Graduates of the college from 1978, both in Jamaica and in different countries of the world, will be coming together to spend a fun-filled weekend on campus, not only reliving and reminiscing about past years, but also meeting to discuss concrete plans for supporting and enhancing the programmes and offerings of the institution.
Past principal of the college, Dr. Simon Clarke and many pioneer lecturers have already indicated their intention to be a part of this historic home-coming celebration.
Activities for the re-union weekend will include ‘the gathering’ on August 4, an opening ceremony with candle lights for those past students who have passed on over the period. On August 5 there will be a sports day and picnic, in addition to a theatrical presentation titled ‘The last stand’, directed by past student, Douglas Prout, followed by a talent show.
On August 6, the past students will share in the Independence civic ceremony scheduled for Sam Sharpe Square, Montego Bay, after which there will be a day-time beach party at Tropical Beach, and then dinner and dancing on campus. There will be a special worship service to be held on the campus on August 7, followed by a farewell brunch.
Principal of the college, Dr. Cecile Walden told JIS News that Sam Sharpe Teachers’ College has experienced steady growth and has done well over the past 30 years. “I believe that the college has impacted the lives of countless students, teachers, community persons and others from western Jamaica and has done well over the period. From this upcoming re-union, we are now realizing how much we have gone international. The college has been blessed having these past students who now see how important it is for them to return and give thanks and to contribute to prospective students of the institution,” Dr. Walden said.
“I look forward to the re-union . which is expected to put Sam Sharpe Teachers’ College on a path of further growth and academic excellence for the next 30 years or more,” she added.

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