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The National Works Agency (NWA) is rehabilitating the old rail bridge in Port Antonio to serve as a replacement for the Rio Grande overpass, which is out of use due to damage caused by Hurricane Dennis.
The Rio Grande Bridge links Port Antonio to the rest of Eastern Portland and is the main access route between the parish and a number of the island’s commercial towns such as Kingston, Ocho Rios and Montego Bay. Its disengagement has disrupted the regular flow of traffic between Portland and the rest of the country, and has caused great inconvenience to the people of the parish.
The rail bridge, which is adjacent to the Rio Grande Bridge, has been out of operation since 1980, when the rail service in Portland was discontinued due to damage caused by Hurricane Allen.
Collin Morrison, Community Relations Officer for the NWA’s Eastern Region, told JIS News, that the repair work began last Thursday (July 14) with the bushing of the western approach.
He explained that the bridge would be modified to accommodate single lane traffic, by joining it to a section of the bailey bridge. He noted that the bridge in its current state, was too narrow for a full bailey bridge to be placed on it.
Mr. Morrison informed that the component panels have already been transported to the worksite, adding that the use of the bridge will be regulated by traffic lights when the repair work was completed.
The project contractor is NAKASH Construction Company and the work should last for two weeks.

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