JIS News

The Sam Sharpe Teachers’ College in Granville, St. James, has received a laptop computer and two projectors valued at approximately $150,000.00, from the Past Students Association.
Chapters of the association in New York and Miami spearheaded the drive to purchase the equipment, and this forms part of the objective of giving back to the institution for the further educational growth and development of its student teachers.
In making the presentation at the college recently, President of the Association, Leo Gilling, said the group had always wanted to assist and give back to the college, which had played a significant role in their career development goals.
“We are very, very happy and feel proud about this presentation, which has been on the top of our agenda for sometime now. This is the start of something that we promise will become better and stronger as we grow.
More will come from the association to this institution, as we are all extremely grateful for the part the college has played in our lives and remain proud of its development over these 31 years,” Mr. Gilling told JIS News.
Principal of the college, Dr. Cecile Walden expressed appreciation to the past students for their “timely gift”, and promised that the equipment would be utilized fully.
“This is a timely gift, not only because it reinforces the appreciation of the past students to the college, but it comes at a time when the college is embarking on more technology use in the classroom, allowing our students to become confident workers. It will also be part of the distant education programme and part of the new degree programme we will be offering as part of the consortium come January,” she told JIS News. “Everything has worked together for good. My spirit is really lifted by seeing so many past students who have done so very well making such very good gesture to the college,” Dr. Walden added.
The Sam Sharpe Teachers’ College, which opened its doors in 1975, has turned out thousands of teachers who are making a significant contribution to education in Jamaica and other parts of the world.