JIS News

The Dental Auxiliary School is seeking to expand its programme offerings to include training in the fields of Dental Maintenance Engineering and Dental Surgery.
Director of the institution, Dr. Theo Jones, said that school was in the process of developing a curricular for the Dental Surgeon programme with the aim of “submitting the curricular to the University Council of Jamaica in 2007,” while “a draft curricular outline for Dental Maintenance Engineering has been sent to the University of Technology for consideration”.
He was addressing the institution’s graduation ceremony held yesterday (Nov. 9) at the Knutsford Court Hotel.
On another matter, Dr. Jones informed that the school was seeking to become an accredited tertiary institution, but noted that the lack of a “proper governing structure that would satisfy the Ministry of Education and Youth’s regulations” coupled with the fact that “the school does not have a librarian post”, have impeded the process.
He noted that the institution was working to put these measures in place in addition to addressing the current problem of a shortage in technical staff.”Out of five dental surgeon posts, the school has three vacancies. Out of the four dental assistant posts, the school only has two filled and out of two dental technician posts, the school has two vacancies,” Dr. Jones informed.
He said that “efforts continue to be made to fill these vacancies and creative ways continue to be looked at as to how to employ persons in a manner that satisfactory compares to the private sector employment”.
Meanwhile, Minister of Education and Youth, Maxine Henry Wilson, in her remarks, said that the Ministry would assist the school in attaining accreditation from the University Council of Jamaica.
“At the Ministry, we have consistently placed high on our agenda, the question of empowerment and development of our human capita and in particular of our young people,” she stated.
A total of 11 students graduated from the Dental Auxiliary School in the fields of Dental Nurse or Therapist, Dental Hygienist, Dental Assistance and Dental Laboratory Technician.