JIS News

The Manchester Parish Council, in collaboration with the Health Department, will begin clamping down on persons operating beauty salons and barber shops without proper licences as of July 31.
To get operators to comply with the regulations, the Council, in June, hosted a sensitization seminar to update them on what the law stipulates and the process of getting certified. During the period, they were given 30 days to get their businesses to operate in accordance with the 2004 Act, which governs the industry.
Since July 21, Council officials have been carrying out assessments of the compliance rate. Those who are in breach are warned, after which they will be issued with notices of closure if they do not comply. If the notice is ignored, they are then taken to Court.
Secretary/Manager of the Manchester Parish Council, Winston Palmer told JIS News that operators of facilities that are not fully compliant might lose their licences.
“A number of persons like barbers and hairdressers and other salon workers who need to be licenced have done so, but what is happening is that a lot of the shop operators have not sought to get certified. Those who have their individual licence, but work in an uncertified establishment, might have their licence suspended and jointly prosecuted if the courts find them culpable,” he said.
“We as a Council want to protect the health of the public and when a salon is certified, it has to follow rules laid down by the Health Department,” Mr. Palmer emphasised.