JIS News

The fruit orchard established in Nain, St. Elizabeth, by Alumina Partners of Jamaica (ALPART), which has been leased to the Community Council, has been expanded with the planting of 1,000 June Plum trees, donated by the Ministry of Agriculture.
The 54-acre orchard is geared toward income generation and employment creation. Crops include mango, citrus, Ackee, Naseberry, and June Plums.
Chairman of the Council, Lenworth Blake told JIS News that they have started selling fruits and when it is fully expanded, more persons would be employed. He pointed out that funds derived from the farm would be used to do community work.
“The orchard project came about five years ago. Alpart was operating it for a number of years and we felt that we could develop and manage it, so we proposed to them to lease it to us and they agreed. Recently, we sold a number of crops, which has never happened before. Ten persons are currently employed there and as we expand fully, we should add another 10,” Mr. Blake said.
“We are in discussion with a processor to buy the plums, and funds derived from it will be used to develop the communities in the area,” he added.
Mrs. Carla Douglas of the Ministry of Agriculture’s Research Division, told JIS News that the Ministry is encouraging persons to establish five-acre orchard plots.
“We at the Ministry of Agriculture are encouraging farmers to establish fruit tree orchards for commercial ventures. The Council here has taken the initiative and has decided to partner with us. We gave them a grant and the fruit trees free of cost. This project, when fully up, will go a far way in job creation and community self help,” Mrs. Douglas said.