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MONTEGO BAY — As cruise ship arrivals become more common in Falmouth, the Trelawny Parish Council is moving to formalize craft vending in the town.

Mayor of Falmouth, Councillor Collin Gager, told the monthly meeting of the Trelawny Parish Council, on Thursday (June 10), in Falmouth, that a registration process has taken place, and background checks are being done on all who have registered.

Information coming out of the Parish Council is that 761 persons were registered, all of whom have been fingerprinted to facilitate background checks.

Mayor Gager pointed out that there is not enough space within the town to accommodate all who have registered, noting that a process of elimination will have to be carried out.  A suggestion has been made that the craft vendors, through their association, seek to establish vending facilities at various points in the parish, including established attractions.

The Mayor was adamant that no illegal establishments will be permitted, adding that the Parish Council will demolish any illegal structures. He said there are plans to establish an official craft market within the town.

“We are looking at things that are long term. We are looking at providing a suitable home that can accommodate (the craft vendors), and where you could have a sort of stop over from the tour buses but, definitely, space in the town is limited,” he said.

He said that the Council is hoping that, when the new market (to be located on Market Street) is finished and handed over, funding will be available to build a craft village there, that can accommodate a number of craft the vendors, regulated and managed by the Council.

He emphasized that everything possible will be done to make sure that only bonafide craft vendors are shortlisted.

Mayor Gager said that the Parish Council will be working very closely, with the President of the craft vendors association, at the selection process, adding that the president should be mindful of the criteria for selection.

He also said that there has been a strengthening of the municipal police in Falmouth, to assist with monitoring of the situation.


By Bryan Miller, JIS Reporter

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