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The Longville Park Citizens Association in Clarendon will be hosting an eight-day parenting workshop, aimed at teaching residents proper parenting skills.
The event gets underway on January 8, with an official launch at the Longville Park Community Centre in Freetown, starting at 10:00 a.m. Horace Dalley, Labour and Social Security Minister and Member of Parliament for North Clarendon, will be the guest speaker.
The workshop will continue on January 9,15,16,22,23,29 and 30. The Environmental Foundation of Jamaica (EFJ) is sponsoring the event at cost of some $400,000.
Among the topics to be explored are: the role of parents in the development stages; communication in the family; conflict resolution; mediation; nutrition and education; juvenile delinquency; rights of the child; building self-esteem in children and the impact of music on children.
President of the citizen’s association, Rosemarie Langoth told JIS News that over 100 residents from the Longville Park Housing Scheme and the neighbouring communities of Cockpit, Sandy Bay, Rosehall and Bougles were expected to participate.
She stated that the Association was determined to create a society that was free of “crime and animosity” and to teach citizens proper values and attitudes so that these qualities could be passed on to the children. “We are eager to highlight to the people that proper parenting skills impact on our environment,” she stated.
Miss Langoth said that at the conclusion of the workshop on January 30, a parenting organisation would be formed to provide counselling to the residents.
In addition, she informed that the Association was planning to establish an office at the community centre where persons would be able to receive counselling on how to settle disputes.

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