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The Banana Export Company (BECo) is working closely with banana farmers in Portland to ensure that the banana industry in the parish is fully back into production by the middle of this year, following the destruction caused by Hurricane Ivan in September.
Banana production, which is the mainstay of several communities in the parish, has been severely affected since the hurricane struck, causing a serious setback to the economic life of those communities.
Technology Transfer Manager for BECo, Donald Elvery told JIS News that both the company and the Banana Trading Company had been assisting banana farmers in the parish since the devastation.
He noted that a total of 2,300 acres of bananas were destroyed by the hurricane, and that approximately 90 per cent of that acreage had been resuscitated so far. He added that production should be back at its pre-hurricane level by the end of June.
Mr. Elvery commended the banana farmers of Portland for the resilience they have displayed in their effort to revive banana production in the parish.
He pointed out that they would soon receive financial assistance promised to the banana industry by the European Union, and that this would not only serve to enhance the efforts of the farmers, but would also ensure the reinstatement of the banana industry as a major contributor to the Portland’s economic development.

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