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The Office of Utilities Regulation (OUR) is slated to hold several public meetings in Manchester in April, to sensitise consumers about their rights and responsibilities.
Director of Consumer and Public Relations, David Geddes, told JIS News that the OUR would participate in an exposition at the Golf View Hotel on April 24.
“The OUR will also be visiting a number of churches in the vicinity of the town of Mandeville at the end of that week,” he added.
Mr. Geddes pointed out that in addition, a number of ‘help desks’ would be set up at key locations, as part of the public education programme.
“We will also be having three town meetings, one in Cross Keys, another in Christiana, and the final one in Mandeville. We are encouraging the residents of the parish to visit our help desks and to come out to the meetings, so as to learn how to read their meters and also to learn about the role and function of our agency,” he said.
Mr. Geddes pointed out that the staff and himself would be more than willing to answer questions that are raised regarding the various utility companies.
“The format that we have adopted for this series of parish meetings is new, as what we are doing this time around is to actually meet some weeks beforehand with the stakeholders, such as the Social Development Commission, National Water Commission, Jamaica Public Service, Jamaica Information Service, Manchester Chamber of Commerce and the Parish Council to discuss what kind of programme would best suit the parish,” he said.

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