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Minister of Transport and Works, Mike Henry, has said that the roadway between Whithorn and Maxfield in Westmoreland is in a deplorable condition, and is slated for rehabilitation.
The Minister, who was speaking in the House of Representatives yesterday (March 18), said that the project, which will include alignment of the roadway, will be done under the Kuwait Fund for road rehabilitation. “This is going to take about an eight-month period to have it done, because all the designs and the consultancies have not yet been completed,” Mr. Henry informed.
He said that the section between Ferris Cross and Whitehouse, which is
21 kilometres long, is in very bad condition and will need total reconstruction, while the section from Whithorn to Ferris Cross is in a fairly good condition with some sections needing patching.
In addition, Mr. Henry disclosed that the Ministry is moving to approach the repairing of roads in a combination of ways which, he noted “is going to improve much of the surface of the roads.”

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