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Leader of the Opposition, Portia Simpson-Miller and Member of Parliament, Maxine Henry Wilson paid tribute to the mother of Prime Minister Bruce Golding, Enid Golding during the recent sitting of Parliament.

Mrs Enid Golding who was in her 91st year died on September 14 at the St Joseph’s Hospital in Kingston. She will be buried next Wednesday, September 28.

Mrs. Simpson-Miller described Mrs. Golding as a wife, mother and educator par excellence noting that she touched the lives of many Jamaicans and also assisted with their upward mobility.

 “She was very strong in the Jamaica Teachers Association (JTA) Housing Cooperative as a matter of fact I am told that she put a lot of her personal savings into the JTA Housing Cooperative. This evening we all can pay tribute to a lady who gave to Jamaica, two sons who entered politics and one becoming Prime Minister of Jamaica and I am sure that Mrs. Enid at that time ensured that her children’s education was paramount,” Mrs. Miller said.

In paying respect to the late Mrs. Golding, Mrs. Maxine Henry Wilson who was a student of Mrs. Golding’s,  told Parliament that she gave her an enduring love for the subject of History which pushed her to pursue a tertiary education in that field.

The Prime Minister accepted the tributes and condolences and expressed appreciation on behalf of his family.

Parliament then observed a moment of silence for Mrs. Golding and Mr Eric Anthony Abrahams who died on August 7. He was accorded an official funeral on August 17. Several Government and Opposition members paid tribute to Mr Abrahams’ sterling contribution to Jamaica particularly in the area of Tourism.


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