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KINGSTON — Public sector workers from various departments are benefitting from a workshop aimed at enhancing their knowledge about state protocol and social etiquette.

Director for Human Resource Development, at the Office of the Prime Minister (OPM), Gail Williams, speaking at the opening of the two-day session on August 15 at the OPM, said that at the end of the workshop, participants will have greater understanding and appreciation about the importance of correct state protocol and how this can impact Jamaica’s relations with the rest of the world.

“We hope that this will open your eyes to some of the nuances of what a protocol officer may be required to do or may be called upon to do,” she said.

Miss Williams noted that being a protocol officer is a very important assignment. “You are the faces of the public sector and the Government and you will be required to interface with high officials and the average Jamaican based on the duties you are assigned to do,” she explained.

“From time to time, we will interact with potential investors and these investors may be hosted at functions. You may also be asked to work at these functions and we need to show them that Jamaica is open for business, so it is actually quite an important task that you are asked to carry out,” she added.

In her remarks, Chief of State Protocol, OPM, Ambassador Elinor Sherlock, explained that protocol helps to create a pleasant atmosphere at meetings or gatherings.

“Protocols allow for freedom of actions for everyone in their day-to-day affairs and regulate the activities of national authorities, so it is very, very important. There is no Government or country that does not have a protocol department in their ministry of foreign affairs or the office of the president,” she stated.

Participants in the two-day workshop will focus on areas such as the Vienna Convention; the table of precedence; modes of address/correct forms of address; invitations; seating/table plans; dress code; meal etiquette; cultural etiquette; state and official funerals; and state and official visits.  

The workshop will continue on Tuesday August 16 at the OPM.



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