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KINGSTON — Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP), Derrick Cochrane, has encouraged citizens to continue working closely with the police, as this collaboration has assisted greatly to reduce criminal activities.

Mr. Cochrane pointed out that the drop in serious crimes has come about largely because the citizens have “decided that the criminals, less than one per cent of the population, cannot be holding us the majority of law abiding citizens to ransom, any longer”.

The ACP was addressing the launch of a mobile police station in the Greenvale community of Manchester, on August 8.

“As citizens of this great country, we have to say enough is enough. We have to take back our country, city by city, from these marauding criminals. We want you the citizens of Greenvale to be part of this exciting experience going forward,” he said.

Mr. Cochrane said the Police were in the community to start what he described as a “new beginning”.

“The police are the first to acknowledge and accept that our relationship is not what it should be and we are here to make amends. We are here today to start, in a very meaningful way, to bridge the gap and break down the barriers, which are obstacles to our meaningful and sustainable relationship,” he said.

“We are here to shatter the perceptions of how we think of each other, especially how you the citizens think of us the Police. We are here to protect, serve and reassure the people of Jamaica, whatever their social status. We want to forge good and lasting relationships with you the citizens, because this is the cure, as together we can fight this crime monster,” the ACP added.

He stressed that the police will continue to “purge from within our ranks the dishonest and corrupt members”, and that respect and equitable treatment of all individuals were integral to the successful operations of the Police.

The occasion was also used to launch a social intervention initiative in the community, which will last until August 26.

Agencies involved in the initiative are: Child Development Agency (CDA), Passport Immigration and Citizenship Agency (PICA), HEART Trust/NTA, Social Development Commission (SDC), Registrar General’s Department (RGD), National Youth Service (NYS), and Jamaica Foundation for Lifelong Learning (JFLL).



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