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Operational efficiency at the Cannabis Licensing Authority (CLA) is expected to be enhanced, with the recent launch of the Jamaica Business Gateway (JBG) portal.

The portal will provide the Authority with a digitised application process, which will allow applications to be completed more swiftly and accurately.

Speaking at the portal’s launch, held at the AC Hotel by Marriott, in New Kingston on May 17, the Authority’s Chief Executive Officer (Interim), Devine White, said that digitising the process will ensure a more seamless experience for both employees and applicants.

The digitised process will further improve the Authority’s ability to focus on nurturing and developing the cannabis industry as well as increasing transparency by allowing applicants to track their applications and receive real-time updates at each stage of the process.

Ms. White explained that this transparency “will foster trust and accountability while providing applicants with peace of mind, empowering them to plan and prepare for their entrepreneurial ventures”.

In addition to strengthening the CLA’s operations, the portal will support technological advancement and reaffirm the Government’s commitment to facilitating the ease of doing business.

Citing the portal’s importance in a rapidly growing technological era, Ms. White emphasised that “we must embrace innovation to remain competitive”.

“By implementing this cutting-edge portal, we are leveraging technology to its fullest potential and driving digital transformation within the Government of Jamaica (GOJ). We are at the forefront of technological advancement, setting an example for other sectors and demonstrating the power of innovation to reshape traditional processes,” she said.

Ms. White noted, too, that “a business-friendly environment is essential for economic growth and attracting investments,” adding that “by providing a user-friendly and efficient platform, we are reducing barriers and creating a seamless experience for entrepreneurs and investors”.

She argued that the JBG is not merely a transformative portal that will revolutionise the way business is done within the Government but it represents a paradigm shift in the way “we operate, collaborate and grow”.

With this in mind, she said: “We are charting a course towards a brighter future for industry, investment and commerce in Jamaica [so] together, let us embrace this digital revolution, seize the opportunities that lie before us, and pave the way for a vibrant, inclusive and prosperous Jamaica.”

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