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St. Ann Police Division on Monday February 7 rolled out a 100-day operational plan, as it moves to reduce crime and violence in the parish.

Under the leadership of new Divisional Commander, Senior Superintendent Carlton Wilson, the plan dubbed: ‘Operation Reassurance’ involves strengthening policing strategies and building relations with citizens.

 “We will be reaching out to the communities by having dialogue. We will be targeting the youth and those who are mostly at risk, so we will be out there on the street corners, we will be out there in the communities, we will be in the church, we will be everywhere,” Senior Superintendent Wilson said at a press conference held at his St. Ann’s Bay headquarters recently.

He said that better investigative techniques would be implemented and intelligence capabilities enhanced. “We are going to be very active in terms of our operational activities within the division and at the same time, our resolve is to make sure that whatever we do and however we do it, it won’t go against the principles of natural justice,” he stated.

He said that the team of like- minded senior officers comprising Superintendent in charge of operations, Michael Morris; Deputy Superintendent in charge of Ocho Rios, Gary Francis; Superintendent in charge of Administration, Canute Hamilton; and Officer in charge of Community Safety and Security, Inspector Dwight Powell, were all ready to take on the task.

“We are bubbling with excitement to really serve and serve the parish well. We are committed to crime reduction and that is our main focus and certainly, we will be working assiduously to bring that under some control or to some tolerable level,” Senior Superintendent Wilson said, calling upon citizens to partner with the police in the effort.

Meanwhile, Superintendent Morris told journalists that he was pleased to be a part of a team whose aim was to bring back some amount of control and stability to the parish of St. Ann.

“We want to re-establish control in our communities and on our streets. St. Ann is a very unique parish because we have some of the best tourism products around the world and so we have to ensure that we bring back some amount of control and stability to the parish,” he stated.



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