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As part of the strategy to identify roads in the city where traffic is dense and widen them to facilitate ease of movement, the National Works Agency (NWA), is carrying out expansion work on Old Hope and Half-Way-Tree Roads under the Road Maintenance Fund.
A statement from the Ministry of Transport and Works has said that the road widening/traffic management project on Old Hope Road, was being carried out in three phases, with work already started between Seaview Avenue and the office of the Commissioner of Police.
This phase of the work is being done by the NWA at a cost of $12 million. Phase two will be carried out between the Commissioner’s office and Munroe Road, while phase three will be implemented between Seaview Avenue and Easton Avenue.
Work will also be conducted in two phases on Half-Way-Tree Road. Phase one is already underway between Ruthven Road and Chelsea Avenue. This phase of the work has been estimated at $10 million. Phase two will be done between Chelsea Avenue and Oxford Road at a cost of $7 million.
According to the release, it is hoped that this phase can be fully implemented during the summer holiday.
Other works to be carried out include the widening of a section of Dunrobin Avenue. This will result in two additional lanes being created, to take traffic in opposite directions. Constant Spring Road between Dunrobin Avenue and Manor Park will also be widened.The Road Maintenance Fund was officially launched in November 2003 and has been sponsoring works valued at over $200 million.

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