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Some 20 Labour Day projects have already been registered in St. Ann, as the Labour Day Parish Committee plans for the activities on Monday, May 24, under the theme: ‘Road Safety First: Avoid the Worst’.
The events include, a public education programme at the St. Ann’s Bay car park; bushing and cleaning road signs; erecting road signs; repairing and constructing sidewalks; fencing the Philadelphia Basic School; painting the Madras clinic and basic school; repainting the pedestrian crossing at Bamboo square; fencing the Lilyfield cemetery; and building sanitary convenience at the Wildcane playfield. At the first meeting of the committee recently, Chairman, R. O. Walters, Custos for the parish, said that based on the theme, the focus for the day would be to sensitise the public about issues relating to the safety of the nation’s children and more vulnerable citizens on the roadways.
The Custos said he was encouraging parents in the parish to involve their children in the road safety initiative.
Secretary/Manager of the St. Ann Parish Council, Dorothy Delgado, said the theme would not only focus on the physical but the mental, including the transportation section, the schools and the elderly, as well as visually impaired persons, through a public education programme, “in an effort to do what we can to enhance the capacity of these persons to cope”.
At the meeting, forms were issued to representatives from the Ministry of Education, Youth and Culture, Social Development Commission (SDC), Red Cross, Jamaica Public Service Company (JPSCo) and the Resident Magistrate (RM) Court, among others, to be distributed for the registration of projects.
These forms may be returned to the organizations and agencies; to the Council on Main Street, St. Ann’s Bay; or faxed to 972- 2617.
Labour Day is celebrated on May 23 each year, but because it falls on a Sunday this year, the day will be observed on Monday, May 24.

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