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Pepsi Cola Jamaica Limited has partnered with the Office of Disaster Preparedness and Emergency Management (ODPEM) in providing the agency with over 32,000 gallons of purified water for use in case of any major natural disaster.
At a press briefing held on the grounds of Pepsi Cola Jamaica Limited in Kingston today (August 24), Denise Dixon, Marketing Manager, said the company would also be providing ODPEM with 100 cases of Essential purified water, which would be included in emergency kits for distribution at disaster shelters across the island.
She added that Pepsi would also be assisting in the production of hurricane preparedness booklets. “Educational material is key in getting the message out to our people. Pepsi Cola Jamaica Limited has therefore covered the cost of one of the booklets used by the ODPEM, and the one that we have chosen is ‘Hurricane Precautions’,” said Miss Dixon.
Some 5,000 copies of the booklet were handed over to Ronald Jackson, Acting Director General of the ODPEM, for use in its public education drive within communities across the island.
Highlighting the significance of Pepsi’s support to the agency, Mr. Jackson said the donation of over 30,000 gallons of water was critical, as after the impact of hurricane Ivan in 2004, and Dennis and Emily in 2005, the need for water in shelters and for domestic purposes surpassed what the agency could provide.
“The significant donation in the re-printing of 5,000 hurricane preparedness booklets and over 30,000 gallons of water to be supplied to persons during emergencies, will serve to strengthen our programme and response capabilities,” Mr. Jackson noted.
“The booklets have always been a key tool in providing important preparedness and hazard information to all levels of the Jamaican population,” he added.
Mr. Jackson said that any assistance from corporate Jamaica was of extreme importance in helping to boost the preparedness and response measures of the ODPEM and the communities along the length and breadth of Jamaica.
“We applaud Pepsi Cola Jamaica Limited for their humanitarian spirit, in taking the initiative to embrace and be a part of the disaster management process,” he added.
The ODPEM is a statutory body and operates out of the Ministry of Local Government and Environment.

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