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Heavy rainfall over the past few days has resulted in an increase in storage levels at the Mona Treatment Plant.

A 74% improvement in storage as at October 6, 2020, has prompted the National Water Commission to begin the lifting of regulations imposed on customers served by the St. Andrew facility.  This will become effective on Thursday, October 8, 2020 for the following areas:

Areas Mona Heights, Cross Roads, Allman Town, sections of Windward Road and roads leading off, Deanery Road and roads leading off, Vineyard Town,  Mountain View, sections of Downtown Kingston, Old Hope Road, Hope Road, Hope Flats, Papine, Gordon Town, Beverly Hills, Ravina, Mona Road, Devon Square, Waterloo Road, West King’s House Road, Cassia Park, Eastwood Park, Half Way Tree Rd, Upper Maxfield Avenue

Despite this, there may be periods of disruptions as the NWC carries out rehabilitation works on its pipeline network.

NWC Customers are still however encouraged to continue their conservation practice. At the same time, the Commission will continue to closely monitor the storage levels and will make necessary adjustments as the situation warrants.

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