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The National Water Commission (NWC) now continues islandwide assessment of the level of damage from Hurricane Sandy, while simultaneously effecting repairs to its facilities and systems.

All water supply and wastewater systems that can be operated are now being operated. Steps are also being taken to effect emergency repairs and conduct other critical activities to restore piped water supply to all areas in the shortest possible time.

Several of the island’s more than 400 water supply systems have been affected or disrupted in some way by the torrential rains. The main causes of disruption include:

Electrical outages

Heavy mud flows or high turbidity at most systems supplied from river or spring sources

Blocked and damaged intake structures

Low Storage

Damaged pipeline

Inaccessible facilities

As at this morning fifty-five percent (55%) of the NWC’s production capacity have been put back into operation using available stand-by generating facilities and gravity-flow operation wherever possible, this enabling piped supply of water to a number of areas; although in some instances at low pressure or with occasional interruptions. There are over one-hundred and fifty (150) water supply systems that remain out of operation due to the absence electricity.

Among the most critically affected areas that remain without piped water supply are sections of Mona, Liguanea, Papine and other sections of St. Andrew. This results directly from the absence of electrical power to transfer water from the Mona System to the Hope Filter Plant, while work is also currently being undertaken to remove debris dumped from the Hope River.  

The restoration of piped supply to these areas is almost entirely dependent on the speed at which power supply is returned to these facilities.

The National Water Commission is continuing to do all it can to restore normality in the shortest possible time and asks for the continued patience and understanding of its affected customers.


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