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Mayor of Kingston and St. Andrew, Senator Angella Brown-Burke,  says the Kingston and St. Andrew Corporation (KSAC) will be making some funds available to its Councillors to assist in the clean-up effort, following the passage of Hurricane Sandy.

Mrs. Brown-Burke, who was on a tour of several areas within the Municipality to get a first hand view of the damage yesterday (October 25), told JIS News that the sum allocated will be dependent on Divisions, noting that the St. Andrew rural divisions are hardest hit.

She pointed out that the National Solid Waste Management Authority (NSWMA) is not able to do everything, and that the small sum is to allow councillors to assist in a limited way, in the clearing of trees, blocked roads and drains.

“We know it is not going to do everything, because we know funds are limited, but at least they are able to do that. We are doing the assessments to see how we prioritise and what we can do,” the Mayor said.

She also stated that based on initial assessments, the markets across the Corporate Area had  limited damage. “What we would have been concerned about, would be the stalls, based on the wind, but we did not have that kind of damage,” she said.

The Mayor noted however, that she is still waiting on a more comprehensive report from her technical team but, “so far, we have been spared.”                                                                                                       

She entreated vendors and other stakeholders  to join in the clean-up effort, and  commended the many residents across the municipality who  are cleaning up without asking for money.

The Mayor  advised that persons should remove fallen trees and put them to the side of the road, so that they can be collected.  “When you have cleaned up, give us a call, whether it is  the Kingston and St. Andrew Corporation, 922-0254 or 967-9317 or the Solid Waste Management Authority, so that we can know it is there and we can look to see how it is picked up,” Mayor Brown- Burke said.

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