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The National Works Agency (NWA) will spend approximately $54 million to repair areas damaged by heavy showers across the island in recent days.

This was stated by Chief Executive Officer of the NWA, E.G. Hunter, during a virtual press conference on Monday (August 25).

Mr. Hunter said teams from the NWA were mobilised to assess affected areas, and some 20 locations and communities islandwide have been impacted by the recent rains.

“The 20 locations are in seven parishes, and the total estimated cost to reopen the various corridors impacted by the rainfall now stands at about $54 million,” the CEO noted.

“Thankfully, we will be able to accommodate this expenditure within the parameters of our existing budget,” he added.

Mr. Hunter pointed out that this is the initial preliminary assessment and they may get additional reports of damage.

“Nevertheless, as always, we are prepared and mobilised to carry out mitigation exercises,” he said.

Mr. Hunter said one of the areas significantly impacted by flooding was Tinson Pen in Kingston, which will be the subject of a special drain design and construction, which will ultimately lead to the construction of a Sandy Gully type drainage infrastructure in the area.

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