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Extensive rehabilitative works, valued at approximately $300 million, are currently being done on sections of the Porto Bello main road in Eastern St. James and the John’s Hall main road in Southern St. James, by the National Works Agency (NWA).
The NWA has intensified efforts to channel the river away from the Porto Bello Road, and recreate the embankment which was damaged by floods associated with Tropical Storm Nicole.
Due to the extent of the damage the road, which was subsequently closed by the NWA, was illegally reopened by demonstrators, who complained about the risk of attacks from gunmen on the detour route through the Irwin Dale community. They said they would prefer to suffer the inconvenience of the one lane traffic on the main road.
Communications and Customer Service Manager at the NWA, Steven Shaw, told JIS News that heavy equipment from the agency were engaged in preparatory work, for the establishment of a retaining structure for the road.
He said that the work the NWA is now being undertaking on the Porto Bello road, is similar to what they did with the Barnett River; the difference being that they are now trying to re-establish the embankment that was destroyed resulting in that section of the road collapsing into the river.
“Having re-established the embankment, we will do the retaining structure, box fill it and have the roadway re-instated. That is going to take some time. We are in the process of doing the embankment recreation, which will see us pushing back the river from where it now is,” Mr. Shaw told JIS News.
Refurbishing works on the Johns Hall main road is far advanced and, when completed, thousands of commuters on the busy thoroughfare will experience much easier and more comfortable rides.
“For years we have had a problem with the Johns Hall Road where it becomes impassable and, very often, is transformed into single lane traffic. We have a serious earth movement in the area close to the quarry, and we have designed a project which will see us re-aligning that section of the corridor,” he said.
“In order for us to do so, we will have to put in two box culverts, and we will also have to fix the Worchester Bridge, which was on the verge of collapsing. The scope of the work involves the fixing of the bridge and the realignment of the roadway, to make it safer and certainly more reliable for persons who use this very important corridor”, Mr. Shaw told JIS News.
He has appealed to citizens, and the motoring public within both areas of the road repair projects, to assist in ensuring that the work is done satisfactorily, and capitalize on possible employment opportunities.

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