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The National Works Agency (NWA) is continuing its effort to make the nation’s roads safer by improving road markings across the island, with work already begun in parts of eastern and central Jamaica.Between Friday, October 8 and Sunday, October 10, the NWA carried out a road-marking exercise in Mandeville, Colin Morrison, Community Relations Officer at the NWA told JIS News.
Using thermoplastic material, stop lines (lines at STOP signs or traffic lights), centre lines (lines used to mark lanes) and end lines (lines indicating the end of the pavement) were marked along several roads. In some areas, Raised Pavement Markers (RPMs), otherwise known as Cat’s Eyes, were also used.
The roads that were marked included the section of the Winston Jones Highway that was recently overlaid, a section of DeCarteret Road, and the intersection of Manchester Road and the bus park.
“We expect that these markings will assist motorists using these roads, to do so in greater safety,” said Mr. Morrison.
Also, the NWA has introduced the box junction outside of the Corporate Area for the first time.”The box junction was placed at the intersection of Caledonia Avenue and Ward Avenue. We used the box junction there, in addition to the road markings, the stop lines and the centre lines,” Mr. Morrison informed.
Meanwhile, the NWA has completed work along Eastwood Park and Constant Spring Roads in Kingston, which were recently re-marked, and is currently working to improve the infrastructure along South Odeon Avenue through the implementation of pedestrian safety rails.While there is no schedule in place for the execution of the road-marking project, Mr. Morrison pointed out that the exercise would be on-going across the island, on a needs basis.

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