JIS News

The National Works Agency (NWA) is evaluating the extent of damage to a section of the roadway between the communities of Tranquility and Bangor Ridge in Portland, in order to begin rehabilitative work as early as possible.
The damage resulted from heavy rains on December 23, which caused a section of the road to be cut off preventing access to a number of communities.
Acting Communications Manager at the NWA, Petra-Kene Williams, told JIS News, that most of the assessments have already been done, with the design of retaining structures by engineers almost completed.
Noting that the repair work was expected to begin within a short time, Miss Williams said the NWA would be examining the possibility of conducting the work under a special government-funded programme to address critical roadways in need of attention, including those damaged by recent hurricanes.
Meanwhile, she said that work would commence soon on the Cascade main road, which was extensively damaged by heavy rains earlier this year. She informed that a contractor had already been selected and the design for the work had been completed.