JIS News

Parish Disaster Co-ordinator for St. Elizabeth, Yvonne Morrison is reminding Jamaicans to make adequate preparations, should an earthquake occur.
Updating JIS News about plans for a number of special earthquake awareness meetings to be held in January 2006, Mrs. Morrison noted that given the amount of natural disasters that occurred throughout the world in 2005, there was need for each household and business to put a proper disaster mitigation system in place.
“So in terms of the sensitisation of parishioners, the local Disaster Committee will be doing a special exhibition at Accompong on January 14, 2006 at a community health fair organised by the Accompong Foundation. We will also be going into Great Bay and Treasure Beach to hold some meetings with persons who were affected by the recent flooding,” she pointed out.
The country will observe Earthquake Awareness Week from January 8-13.
Mrs. Morrison said that her team would also be staging a number of outreach meetings in some of the educational institutions.
“Our experiences show that children are sometimes the best teachers and that is why we make it a point of duty to visit so many schools throughout the year,” she said.
Mrs. Morrison said that while it has been quite some time since a major earthquake has affected Jamaica, vigilance should be the watchword.
“Remember to identify the hazards that exist in your house. If a tremor occurs, find the nearest point that you can brace yourself, such as in a doorway or seek shelter under a desk. Use your arms to cover your necks and the back of your heads if no such protection exists, and watch out for aftershocks,” she advised.
The Co-ordinator emphasised that each household, business and school should have an established fire drill. “The more you do the drill, the more likely you will do what is right should an earthquake occur,” she added.