JIS News

Several proposals are being considered for the establishment of a structure to replace the Broadgate/Mahoe Hill swing bridge in St. Mary, which collapsed on February 11.
This incident has resulted in the relocation of the Mahoe Hill All-age School, as the children had to use the bridge to get to the institution.
Collin Morrison, Senior Communications Officer for the National Works Agency (NWA), told JIS News that proposals being considered were, lifting the existing structure and repair and re-launch the bridge; constructing a new pedestrian bridge; and building a ford as a short term measure to alleviate difficulties being faced by residents of the community.
He explained that the NWA was currently in the process of making a detailed assessment of the situation, and added that an official report would shortly be made to Housing, Transport, Water and Works Minister, Robert Pickersgill, after which a decision would be taken regarding the structure to be erected.
Mr. Morrison pointed out that responsibility for the bridge resided with the St. Mary Parish Council, adding that the emergency arising from its collapse has made it necessary for the NWA to take the initiative to address the situation.