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The National Works Agency (NWA) is undertaking repairs to the Cascade and Bangor Ridge main roads in western Portland, which were extensively damaged during heavy rains last year.
Collin Morrison, Community Relations Officer for the NWA’s northeastern region, told JIS News that the agency was dealing urgently with the matter to return normalcy to the affected communities.
He noted that the Cascade road had broken away in five sections and engineering designs on two of the damaged sections had been completed with work underway on the other sections. He said that applications for the contract to repair the road have already been received by the NWA and these would be referred to the National Contracts Commission for a decision.
In terms of the Bangor Ridge main road, Mr. Morrison informed that the contract for the repairs would be awarded soon, adding that work was scheduled to commence later this month.
In respect of general road works in the parish, Mr. Morrison said the NWA would be giving priority to a repair project to be implemented on the Rio Grande Valley main road, which was severely damaged by heavy rains last November.
The work, along with several other general repairs to main roads in the parish, will be implemented under a special work programme to be carried out under the PetroCaribe programme.

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