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Assistant Superintendent of the Hanover Fire Service, Paul Hibbert is urging residents in the parish to take every precaution against bushfires and has strongly advised against the use of fire to clear land for farming.
He noted that already, the department has responded to 15 bush fires. “Somehow the dry season seems to be on a little earlier this year because to date, we have 15 bushfires that we have received calls for,” he stated.
Mr. Hibbert told JIS News that the Hanover Fire Service had received and responded to 22 calls since January of which 18 were genuine, three were malicious/false alarms, while one was for special services.
In 2005, the fire service received and responded to 421 fire calls, 340 of which were for genuine emergencies, 28 false alarms, 23 false alarm with good intent and 30 for special services. “Of these, most of the calls were in February and March.we had a total of 240 calls, most of which were mainly bushfires,” he stated.
For 2005, the estimated value of property at risk as a result of the fires totaled approximately $1.1 billion, with total loss amounting to $102 million.
Some 66 persons were left homeless as a result of these fires, with four deaths and 21 serious injuries.

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