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Starting Monday (September 7), the National Transformation Programme (NTP) will be monitoring the Half-Way-Tree Transport Centre, with the aim of contributing to a positive behavioural change among students using the facility.
“We are going to be on the ground, with the support of Mothers Patrol, the parents’ body, and Students for Transformation, in engaging and encouraging our students to that kind of civil behaviour that says, I am a first class citizen and my behaviour needs to reflect that inside and outside of school,” said NTP Director of Development and Planning, Fabian Brown.
“So, from the poster competition, that the students will be engaged in, their high schools and the winning poster being placed in the Transport Centre, to some of our jingles, to some of our viral videos, (we) are going to be able to kind of jolt the thinking towards a different kind of behaviour,” he added.
Mr. Brown, who was speaking at a Jamaica Information Service (JIS) Think Tank at the Agency’s Half Way-Tree-Road office, Wednesday (September 2), admitted that the NTP needs additional volunteers to perform the task effectively, as of Monday morning. He explained that anybody can register to become a volunteer
“We are calling for serious volunteer support, and the Council for Voluntary Social Services has really stepped up to the plate to manage that process, with the national volunteer register. We are calling for a spirit of volunteerism, where people offer their time, their talent and their energies to building that better Jamaica,” Mr. Brown said.
The National Transformation Programme (NTP) was launched at King’s House on Wednesday (July 29). Branded, Fresh Start Jamaica, it aims to “mobilise, co-ordinate and energise” a process of positive renewal for Jamaicans by Jamaicans.
Fresh Start is a non-partisan initiative, and is a partnership of the state, church, private sector and civil society.
The NTP’s focus is on moral, social and economic interventions, and the inculcating of 12 select national core values and attitudes necessary for individual prosperity, community development and sustainable growth of the national economy.

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