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The National Transformation Programme (NTP) has appealed to Jamaicans to observe a period of peace and forgiveness for the next five months, in order to create a more harmonious, productive and prosperous nation.
The appeal was made by Director of Communications, Research and Evaluation at the NTP, Michael Aiken, during his presentation at the Jamaica Information Service (JIS) Think Tank session on Wednesday (September 2) at the Agency’s head office, Half-Way-Tree Road, Kingston.
“As human beings, sometimes we have issues that prohibit us from properly relating to each other. We have circumstances that sometimes hurt us, but we all know that the way forward out of any complex, disturbing hurtful situation, is to seek peace and to forgive those who have hurt you, to get on with life and to look past the past,” he said
Mr. Aiken encouraged Jamaicans to seek peace in every hurtful situation, and to ask for forgiveness where conflict might exist.
“Put your past aside, look to the future, forgive someone in your life, begin to relate to each other in a more positive manner, in a manner that brings out in you that kind of performance gene, that character that will propel you and bring you the personal transformation prosperity that all of us need,” he added.
Mr. Aiken said the NTP wants to see one class of citizen, committed to maintaining peace, producing some goods, or service for the national economy and making their community inhospitable to crime.
He said that the excellent performance of Jamaica’s athletes at the recently held 12th IAAF World championships in Berlin Germany, has inspired Jamaicans to perform. He said that Usain Bolt has demonstrated that there is a Jamaican gene that can be captured and expressed in a manner that shows us to the world.
“Every one of us has a performance gene that we can find, that Jamaican gene, that resilience, to help us to get past the bad circumstances in our lives,” he said.
The NTP branded Fresh Start is a non-partisan, moral, value based programme that seeks to mobilise, implement and energise a process of positive change and renewal for the Jamaican people.

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