JIS News

Director of Enforcement and Compliance at the National Solid Waste Management Authority (NSWMA), Ann-Marie Rodriquez has assured that the Authority is working to restore normalcy to its residential waste collection operations.
Speaking with JIS News, Ms. Rodriquez confirmed that the NSWMA had doubled its efforts and had instituted night collection, which should last for two weeks. This is being done to clear the backlog of garbage and the extra waste generated as a result of Hurricane Wilma.
She informed that the NSWMA was experiencing difficulty in the Riverton Watershed, which includes Kingston, St. Andrew, St. Catherine, St. Thomas, and Clarendon.
Ms. Rodriquez noted that the recent heavy rainfall in Hanover and St. James had created problems in that region as well, leaving several roadways impassable. The NSWMA is monitoring the area and would tackle the situation, weather permitting, she said.
Portmore, and in particular Waterford and Edgewater in St. Catherine still pose a difficulty due to a number of factors including, the previous backlog, the current traffic situation and the volume of waste generated during the rains associate with Hurricane Wilma.
Coopers Hill and Lawrence Tavern in St. Andrew are experiencing interruptions as well in garbage collection as the routes have been affected by damage to the roadways leading into these areas.
Ms. Rodriquez is imploring citizens to be mindful of the efforts being made by the NSWMA as in addition to residential waste there is debris on the roadways which required additional manpower and equipment.