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As the island recovers from heavy rains associated with Hurricane Wilma, Mayor of Kingston, Councillor Desmond McKenzie has said there are 10 critical link roads in the corporate area that are in need of immediate rehabilitation.
“This rehabilitation work will cost $37 million to fund and we need the intervention of central government to assist us,” Mayor McKenzie informed.
He was speaking at a meeting to discuss the effects of Hurricane Wilma on the corporate area and a report of the Council’s task force findings, at the Kingston and St Andrew Offices in Kingston on Thursday (October 27).
The roads include Blumesberry Avenue in the Hagley Park area, which will cost some $5.1 million to patch and rehabilitate, and Norman Road off South Camp Road, which will cost $2.7 million to rehabilitate.
The other roads are Beverly Drive, Padmore Drive, Oakland Road, Campbell Boulevard, Henley Road, Poinciana Grove and Mount Charles Top Road. Meanwhile Mayor McKenzie informed that recommendations from the KSAC’s Task Force findings on Hurricane Ivan restoration in special areas of Kingston and St Andrew would once again be put forward to the relevant authorities for review.
“The recommendations will once again be put on the table for review as once again the recent rains from Wilma has reminded of the urgent need to address hazard mitigation,” Mayor McKenzie noted.
Included in the recommendations are: a proposal for a sustainable development plan to encompass the entire Kingston and St Andrew; Hazard mapping being taught to Councillors by the Office of Disaster Preparedness and Emergency Management (ODPEM) and the Water Resources Authority; and the review of a Building Code for finalization. The Code will seek to govern and monitor the operations of building developers and where areas are deemed flood prone they will be declared No Building Zones.
The Mayor also informed “We will be putting $30 million from the budget next year toward disaster mitigation and an additional $250,000 to $300, 000 as special disaster relief funds”.
“As a Council we will not abandon the people in their time of need,” he stated.