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The National Solid Waste Management Authority (NSWMA) has pledged to have solid waste generated by community clean-up activities on Labour Day (May 23) removed within 48 hours.
With more than 200 projects registered to take place in the various communities, Labour Day 2007 is expected to generate tons garbage. “We pretty much have our plans worked out for Labour Day and after. We may not be able to pick up all the debris on Labour Day, but what we’ll do is pledge to pick up all the debris within 48 hours,” explained Charlie Grant, Regional Operations Manager for St. Thomas, Kingston and St. Andrew, St. Catherine and Clarendon with the NSWMA.
“Once we know that they’re there our trucks can be disbursed to the various communities and we’ll come pick it up,” he told JIS News. He said for example, if persons in Hellshire or Cumberland for example had a Labour Day project and called the NSWMA early enough, then that area would be rostered for pick-up and the trucks would go in and have the garbage removed within a 48 hour time frame.
Mr. Grant stressed that this strategy would be replicated islandwide as all the regional managers in Mandeville, St. Elizabeth, and Montego Bay had a similar mandate to help the citizens across the length and breadth of the island. He explained that as part of the disbursement strategy, non-compacting trucks would be reassigned from normal core functions and assigned to zonal removal in the various communities in each parish.
Mr. Grant is appealing to the public however to be patient because as even with the best of plans, there could be challenges. “Any organization that is in the business of fleet operations from time to time suffer from mechanical or some kind of spare parts problem, so I’m appealing to persons to be patient and to use the telephone .we’ll come and remove it so the country stays clean and beautiful,” he assured.
Mr Grant noted that in the spirit of Labour Day persons with trucks are being encouraged to offer assistance in removing the debris from their communities. He stressed however that there would be certain stipulations that would have to be adhered to. This includes using a tarpaulin “but if persons are willing and don’t mind going to the landfill they could call the toll free number, (1-888-2255-5676), and make us aware of the offer,” he said.

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