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The Trelawny Labour Day Committee has chosen the restoration of the clock tower in Duncans Square as the parish project for Labour Day 2007.
The scope of work will involve the replacement of damaged windows, painting of the structure, electrical repairs, and the general cleaning up of the area. “The clock was recently restored to normal operation and so the committee took the decision that repairing the tower would be the parish Labour Day project for this year,” Secretary Manager at the Trelawny Parish Council, Alfred Graham told JIS News. He said that a total of 20 projects were submitted to the Council and that persons were making the necessary arrangements to support the various Labour Day projects, which would be carried out in the many communities within the parish. “In the Ulster Spring division they’ll be painting the clinic there and cleaning an area of Sawyers and in the Wakefield division they will be doing some work on the clock tower there,” he said, adding that other projects should see repairs being done to indigent housing by a community group in the Sherwood area, a flagpole being erected at the Wait-a-bit All-Age School, and the cleaning up of the park area in Falmouth by other service clubs and community groups.
“The Committee is appealing to persons, even at this late stage to come in and report their projects and for citizens to go out and do some voluntary work on this Labour Day,” he said. The theme for Labour Day 2007 is, ‘Honouring Our Ancestors: Strengthening Our Communities’.

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