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The Noel Holmes Hospital and Westhaven Children’s Home in Hanover are to benefit from medical equipment, toys and sundry items, donated by ‘Friends’ of the institutions.

These items will be handed over by Gloria Leslie and her husband, David, when they visit the island in March. Mrs. Leslie is the Founder and Chairman of the Friends of the Noel Holmes Hospital and the Westhaven Children’s Home charity, based in North London. Since 1998, the charity has donated equipment and other items valued at more than $3 million.

Originally from Cascade in Hanover, Mrs. Leslie, who moved to the United Kingdom in 1962, felt compelled to help when, 14 years ago, while on holiday in Jamaica, her children were involved in a terrible motor vehicle accident in Montego Bay, which saw her son-in-law losing a leg and her grand children receiving serious injuries. The equipment, toys and other items are taken to Jamaica annually with money raised at two major fund-raising dinner and dance events, held in Tottenham. Both have become regular and much anticipated calendar events.

She credits the support of her husband, children, members of her church, the Jamaican High Commission, members and patrons for the charity’s ability each year to provide assistance to Jamaica. In addition to the Noel Holmes Memorial Hospital and the Westhaven Children’s home, the charity provides equipment, toys and supplies to a day care centre in Lucea, four churches and the Cascade clinic.

“It is just natural for me to be a caring person to help others. I get greater satisfaction and it is good to see that the support you give is useful and well appreciated,” she said. In addition to the work for the Noel Holmes hospital charity, Mrs. Leslie is an active volunteer and supports many community initiatives and runs a catering service. Mrs. Leslie is also a part of the Jamaica Diaspora UK group and is a member of the Health sector interest group in London.

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