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Jamaica is experiencing a second day with no new confirmed COVID-19 cases, while recoveries moved to 131, up from 127 as at Monday (May 18).

The total number of confirmed positive cases in Jamaica remains at 520 as at Monday (May 18) while the 131 recoveries puts the island’s recovery rate at 25.2% recovery rate. There are currently no seriously ill cases on the island. Nine (or 1.7%) persons have died.

At this time, there are 44 imported cases; 204 cases are contacts of confirmed cases, 26 are local transmission cases not epidemiologically linked, and 246 are under investigation (233 of those under investigation are linked to the workplace cluster and 13 others).

Some 316 or 61% of the confirmed cases are females and 204 or 39% are males. They range in age from 2 months to 87 years.

St. Mary Surveillance
Community Surveillance activities were conducted in the three quarantined communities in St. Mary (Dover, Enfield and Annotto Bay) between May 3 and 17 (2020).

To date, 1,099 households were visited, most of them twice. Some 3,440 persons were assessed and 248 samples were collected and tested.

The total number of samples tested on the island to 8,674. Of that 8,674, in addition to the 520 positives, there are 8,088 negatives and 66 pending.

Clinical Management Summary as at 5:00 PM on May 18, 2020

Total Samples Tested 8,674
Samples tested in the last 24 hours 159
Discharge samples tested in the last 24 hours 22
Results Positive 520
Results Negative 8,088
Results Pending 66
Deceased 9
Recovered 131
Number in Facility Quarantine 216
Number Hospitalised

(Including suspected positive COVID-19 cases)

Persons Moderately ill 0
Persons Critically ill 0
Persons in Facility Isolation 238
Persons in Home Isolation 148
Persons in Transitional Facilities 14
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